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  • 中文

    Pre-sales consulting

    Telephone service - customer service department staff, sales representatives through the telephone to provide customers with advice, solution process.

    Sales service - follow up the contact process (including routine visits, customer requirements, detailed product information, product samples, initial product quotation, initial solution Suggestions, etc.).

    Technical services - the process by which engineers provide solutions to customer requirements (including customer request feasibility study, customer request solution formulation, solution adjustment and modification according to customer's new requirements, and technical solution confirmation).

    Reception service -- the process in which the company's reception guide guides the customers to visit the company and makes the customers have a deep impression on the products and the company.

    Sale support

    Technical service -- technical personnel provide various services for customers.

    Sales service - the process of further communication between the sales staff of the foreign office and the customer after the contract is signed.

    Reception service - the reception process for customers who have signed the contract and sometimes visit the company again due to business needs, so as to deepen customers' impression of the product and the company.

    After-sale value-added

    The service process carried out by the after-sales service personnel

    After-sales telephone return visit

    Visit by after-sales staff

    Inform customer of product status

    Customer satisfaction survey and return visit

    Improve the implementation process of customer feedback

    Solve the difficult problems in the process of customer using the product


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