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    Propane fabric production essentials
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    Some of the traditional polypropylene fabric products will be very prone to deformation and deterioration after a long time of use, but with the improvement of our processing technology, the products produced now have been able to fully make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies of previous products, very helpful to the use of the construction industry. Especially the technology directly USES is sliced, shorten the fiber material, after a variety of special craft processing, forming no woven cloth, as a new type of fine material, this product is used in building process has played a significant effect, and with the help of a professional inorganic fiber, compressed air or steam injection is made and be become special production process with the ordinary material has the biggest difference, is that it has good strength. And when the product is applied in pipeline anti-corrosion engineering, it has certain anti-rust treatment.

    In order to make our production of polypropylene cloth products to meet the needs of users, we will carry on the processing to make the process of attention to every detail, and we recently introduced a new production equipment, so that the performance of the products use the big promotion, can be applied to a lot of heat preservation of corrosion medium, active application, its the biggest use value.

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