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    Polypropylene fabric is used in the automotive industry
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    Everyone knows that polypropylene fabric has been widely used in the automotive industry, so this product in the automotive industry and its role in the future development, what is it?

    Polypropylene cloth plays a very important role in the automotive industry. It is used in the filter and seat of the cockpit, as well as the lining of the inverted trunk as well as the soundproof felt and carpet cloth. This product has very important applications. In our country, the annual production of our cars is also constantly increasing, and his demand for our non-woven soundproof felt is also in short supply. The non-woven fabric and the industry, he has many projects in the textile industry. The research on interior materials used in cars and the development of products include knitting, interior materials, flame retardant and anti-static cars and woven upholstery materials. Its structural interior, made of fiber-wiredcomposites, is intended to replace imports, and is also used for automotive interior decoration, in line with its luxury and comfort, as well as safety, its flame retardant and electrical resistance to our country's leading level. It has been used in auto parts for a long time.

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