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  • 中文

    The enterprise depends on the efficiency and benefit . Only by respecting these two laws can maintain its own life and future development, and can maintain the employees  to get life insurance . However, the key of two points is effectiveness, making it in  truth  and keeping pace with the times, so that we can not be defeated.

    The company respect the rule of depature timely and suprior quality  and be well received by the customers.Now the market is very competitive so our company detrusion Customer first 、Trust first 、Reciprosity each other . make the most use of modern management and information technology to adapt the change of the market to expand the development.

    Quality is the core standard of enterprises. Hezhong fabric has a strict quality management system for every inch  products, ensuring customers' trust in production.

    Facing the future market ,Jiangsu Hezhong is base on fabric products ,activity to expanding ,making multiple production and  modes of cooperation. We insist on pursuing greater development every time.



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