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  • 中文

    Jiangsu HeZhong fabric Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013,  covers an area of 20,000 ㎡,There are more than 300 workers,  annual output value is around 170 million meters, export proportion is approx. 40% , we are the only one manufacture from spinning to woven in china. By a group of years engaged in industrial fabric scientific research and development, production, sales team for our company's products through the ISO9001 2000 Quality management system certification, first class equipment, stable quality, we can provide customer the PP MESH 、POLYESTER MONOFILAMENT 、ANTI-STATIC LINER 、 RUBBER STRIPE、FOLDING MONOFILAMENT、100%COTTON 、NYLON and Polyester sponge placemat altogether 8 series and 200 kinds of liner which width within 5000mm 、length within 1300m. we also supply all kinds of tire、rubber liner according to  customer’s demand 

    At present our company have cooperated with BRIGESTONE、TOYOTIRE 、PIRELLI、SUMITOMO 、KUMHO、COOPER TIRE,MAXXIS 、ZC RUBBER、GITI and the other 100 foreign companies , meanwhile our company actively expand foreign market, the products have  exported to Thailand,Vietnam、Indonesia、Malaysia and the other Southeast Asian country, as well as EUROPE AND AMERICA ,wining the trust of customers.

     "Quality first、 good faith cooperation"is our purpose, we are willing to work together with the new and old friends of the industry to make brilliant achievements.



    all rights reserved:Jiangsu Hezhong Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

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